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11/21/10 08:50 pm - Quick update

Last January  Hubby Steve was diagnosed with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which means he is liable to depression during the winter due to reduced exposure to sunlight.
In June I had a hysterectomy which went really well and I am now much much better.
Will (who is now 16!) got his GCSE results in August  A's in Maths and RE, B's in Science and additional science, c's in English Language, English literature, Art, and IT.  D in Spanish.
I was very pleased He's now at 6th form college doing Psychology, Media, English and Graphics
James is now 3 - he'll be 4 in February - and is at pre-school 15 hours a week, which means I get a little time to myself.

Have sent off applicvation forms for Ben to go to senior school and James to go to primary school next September. My babies are growing up!

11/11/10 10:31 pm - Well Hello!

 Have been wanting to post for ages but just haven't had the time.

To be honest I miss LJ - I miss all the people I have come to know through LJ - and I miss being able to write about whatever I feel like.

1/10/09 07:39 pm - They've done it again!


11/8/08 12:16 am

Yeay yeah yeah I know I owe you loads of "interesting" picspams involving my family and "places of historic and literary interest" but I personally would rather look at pics of Viggo Mortensen. One of the good things about losing all my pics was that I had to go looking for more pics of Viggo - I know it was hard work but I had to force myself to do it. So now I present the fruits of my labours - mainly because I'm imsomniac as I nearly always am when I'm ill.
Viggo Mortensen PicSpamCollapse )

10/23/08 05:00 pm

And this is really funny too!

6/11/08 07:03 am - Mash Game: Predict Your Future at eSPIN-the-Bottle

Behold... My Future
  I will marry Viggo Mortensen.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Croatia in our fabulous Shack.  
  We will have 14 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a Purple E Type Jag.
  I will spend my days as a Rock singer, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future

10/9/07 09:04 pm - Friend Me!

Just a quick post viewable to all to say If you know me from CoS friend me! - Well if you want to that is!

8/2/07 04:42 pm

OKay I feel like having a good old fashioned whinge about those little things that really annoy me.
Firstly - people who park in the "people with young children" parking spaces when they haven't got young children.  They also park in the disabled spaces - but only if all the "young children" spaces are gone. 
Secondly - People who park their trolleys across the aisle in the supermarket and are deaf to all your polite "Excuse me Please!" requests for them to move. 
Thirdly - Till operators who refuse to believe that you do actually want to pack your shopping yourself. 
Fourthly - Till operators who leave the convey belt on so all your shopping ends up in a big heap at the end with your fresh bread squashed and your paper ripped - probably revenge for not letting them help you pack.
Yes I'm not in a very good mood today!

7/23/07 06:27 pm

It's been a strange weekend. I really enjoyed the hype leading up to the HP book, but was disappointed in the book itself.I expect I'll think of more later.

7/20/07 07:11 pm - Life, Harry Potter and everything

Well it's been a strange week. The other day my husband hit a deer on the way to work. It just shot out of the woods into the road. He wasn't hurt, and the car wasn't damaged, but he was very shaken up. He got out to see if the deer was still alive and as it was still breathing started to phone the RSPCA but while he was on the phone it died. He was very upset about it.

Took baby to the doctor's today because I was worried he was showing a symtom of hip displacement, but thankfully he is fine.

Took my husband nearly 3 hours to get home today because of the floods. Usually take about three-quarters of an hour.

Discovered today that the actor who plays young Snape is fairly local and was at the local cinema (where I saw OotP)  during a special showing and was answering questions afterwards. I cannot begin to say how annoyed I am that I missed this. *chews carpet*

This will probably be my last post before reading Deathly Hallows.  At eight o'clock my husband  takes #2 to his disco, collects #1 from his party, and our friends Graham shoudl arrive athough he might be late due to traffic disruption. At 10:30 I will pick #2 up from the disco and together with #1 we will go into town for the release party. *squeee*

Hope everyone is having fun wherever they are and whatever they are doing for the release. 

And a very Happy 18th Birthday to Godric Hollow from the CoS forums!

Enjoy Deathly Hallows! See you on the other side!  *waves*

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