A life more ordinary

17 February 1966
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Was born and grew up in Reading, Berkshire UK. Youngest of 7 children. I have 3 brother and 3 sisters who are now all married. I have six nephews ranging in ages from 28 to 3 and 5 nieces aged between 26 and 18 months.

Went to Manchester University where I did a degree in Zoology. Got a job with the Government working on their ancient unemployment benefit computer system where I met Steve - the love of my life who has now been my husband for 19 years, although we have lived together for 20 years.
Now a stay at home Mum of 5 boys aged 17, 15, 10, 8, and 3.
I am generally obsessed with the regency period which is probably due to a grand passion for Jane Austen novels. I love writing and hope one day to be published if I can just get my act together and write a novel. - I have written a Harry Potter fanfic - more of a Severus Snape fanfic actually - which is posted on CoS forums.

Had a hysterectomy last summer whichhas vastly improved my general health (especailly mymental health) Need to get myself back in shape so I can go horseriding again - another passion of mine which I had to give up due to a dodgey back caused by all those pregnancies.